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The SuperSieve pump makes it easy to separate larger particles of dirt (over 0.2 mm) out from the water. The SuperSieve pump is designed for ponds where the pump is in the pond. The dirty water is first pumped into the SuperSieve and is then discharged to a biological filter.  

The SuperSieve pump uses special industrial curved screens. A curved screen is made up of knife-sharp triangular rods which are angled in relation to one another and incorporate a slit of 300 microns (0.3 mm). The water runs up against the sharp edge of the triangle, thus breaking the surface tension of the water. The dirt particles are then pushed away from the screen element and lifted out of the water. Then the dirt slides further down the screen element as if on a slide until it is 'on dry land'. This dirt ultimately collects in the SuperSieve's dirt gutter. The dirt can now no longer contaminate the water by dissolving in it. Neither do bacteria have any chance of converting this trapped dirt into ammonia, nitrite or nitrate, which also extracts a lot of oxygen out of the water.

The SuperSieve pump is characterised by an ingenious design. It's construction allows connections to be fitted to both sides. Furthermore, the SuperSieve is made up of 2 parts:

   •     The pre-chamber into which the water is pumped

   •     The chamber where the screen element is located

 The closed pre-chamber 'pushes' the water at right angles to the screen element. This improves dirt separation and increases the flow through the screen element. The water thus passes through the curved screen above the element so that water does not mix with dirt that has already been separated out. The design of the screen means that this separated dirt is pushed towards the dirt gutter.

The screen element is accurately sealed with specially manufactured rubbers on the housing itself so that no water (and thus no dirt) can pass through the screen element unfiltered. The housing is equipped with a lid to reduce the noise and slow down the growth of algae and bacteria on the screen element.

The housing has the following connections: an overflow protection, a dirt gutter with discharge and two 110mm discharges. The 110mm discharge dimension is particularly significant because it allows water to exit the housing quickly. The SuperSieve pump thus processes a good 20m3/hour (25m3/hour max) with two 110mm outlets.

   •     Removes floating particles/dirt particles down to 300 microns

   •     Removes dirt right out of the water and onto dry land

   •     Small dimensions (lxwxh = 42cm x 39cm x 60cm)

   •     Up to 25m3/hour

   •     Large return connections

   •     Inc. dirt discharge gutter

   •     Inc. lid

   •     Large screen element (32cm wide/47cm long)

   •     2x75/110mm outlet

   •     2x 63mm inlet

   •     2x 75mm overflow protection

   •     2x 63mm dirt discharge

   •     Connections on both sides

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Super Sieve

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