Kockney Koi's EPDM Rubber reducers come in many sizes and can save a lot of space on installations as instead of using multiple fittings to reduce down the sizes, i.e 4"-1.5" where previously 3 fittings have had to be used, now 1 fitting can complete the job. 

Also being made from EPDM allows a slight amount of flexibility in the installations in those tight spaces.

Fittings come complete with the stainless steel clips.

Available from stock in the following sizes;

1.5" x 1"

1.5" x 1.25"

2" x 1.5"

3" x 1.5"

3" x 2"

4" x 3"

4" x 2"

4" x 1.5"

6" x 4"

Available to order (minimum order quantities do apply)

5" x 4"

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EPDM Rubber Reducers

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