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Activex is for the colonization of filtration bacteria and differs from similar filter products as it contains a gel, which creates a retention substrate in the filter for the bacteria to multiply on more quickly and effectively. The gel substrate is harmless and feeds the bacteria. Introduce 10 ml of Activex per cubic foot of biological filter. There is no need to measure the filter system precisely and you need only feed the product into the biological part of the filter not the mechanical area. In a mature pond use Activex occasionally to boost the filter performance particularly after any chemicals have been used which may affect the biology in the filter, or after heavy feeding during Summer. In a new pond allow a few days between each application of Activex as the filter establishes and test water frequently throughout the colonization process first for ammonia and then for nitrite. The frequency for applications does not matter, every three days if you have a major problem establishing the filter with high readings, or if you are coping follow the directions on the bottle which are only a guide, with a natural product there are many ways to use it successfully.

Combat Bactericide combines several antimicrobial agents and a fungicide. For minor bacterial problems, raised scales and to lower protozoan parasites that commonly cause a white film treat the pond 1-2 times depending on the severity at seven-day intervals. For gill fluke treat the pond 3 times at four-day intervals. Combat minimally affects filter bacteria.

Envirex was exhaustively researched during its 10-year development; many government agencies took part in the research and use the product today to control many potential problems in ponds lakes and natural waters. Envirex is a totally natural product that degrades both solids and dissolved solids at the same time lowering ammonia, nitrite, nitrate and phosphate and other unwanted substances in pond water. The result is a more hygienic pond in which disease is less likely to develop. Being a totally natural product Envirex cannot kill blanketweed or algae but can inhibit their growth due to its influence on the cause of algal growths and blooms. The benefits of Envirex are found with regular use and it can prove very economical as users are advised to customise the dose level to their own needs. The amount required is directly related to the volume of fish stocked not the gallonage of the pond, that is why there is no accurate dose level it will vary pond to pond. Envirex is available in 400 grams or 2 kg tubs. To start off the system use 80 grams per 1000 gallons in a new pond and 40 grams per 1000 gallons in a mature pond and allow a week for settlement. In the average pond with a low stocking density approximately 5 grams per 1000 gallons every 5-7 days usually controls unwanted substances and solids. When serious water quality problems are experienced with high ammonia or nitrite readings increased doses of Envirex can be used possibly 15 grams per 1000 gallons would be an average dose in this situation. These are guidelines only and can be adapted to individual needs as Envirex is harmless and totally natural. When Envirex is used all year round the start up dose will only be needed once at the outset. If using Envirex regularly during the Summer but stopping use during Winter the mature pond dose needs to be introduced every Spring. There is no need to switch off ultra violet sterilizers when using Envirex, and the product does not interfere with any pond medication or filtration additive.

Paradex - Is used to control the larger parasites such as lice, leeches and anchor worm seen by the naked eye. To avoid subjecting chemicals it is advised that the pond is retreated each time juvenile lice or leeches are seen rather than at a particular frequency. Only the adult remale anchor worm is visible, and this has to be removed with tweezers and the body treated with Koi Cream (found in the First Aid Kit) before the pond is treated.

Bio-Dips - Is used to assess the bacterial level in pond water. TWO units are supplied so when a high level of bacteria is suspected a bio-dip can be taken before and after the use of a bactericide to ascertain how effective the treatment has been.

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Lincs Fish Health Products

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