• Bowls, Stock Tanks & Net Bins

We now supply a fish inspection / stock tanks, net bins and a medicating bowl.


They have an average thickness of 6mm and are molded in one piece from a non brittle polypropylene which makes then extremely rugged and suitable for use on board boats for retaining nets (one bin holds a fleet of nets), they are also very suitable and often used as fish stock tanks /medication tanks / holding tanks. Some garden centers also display their retail fish (Koi, Goldfish etc) in them.


Inspection/stock tank:available in Blue or Black MDPF

52" Long x 28" Wide x 24" Deep

132cm Long x 71cm Wide x 61cm Deep


Medicating bowl available in Blue MDPF

34" Diameter x 20" Deep

86.4cm Diameter x 50.8cm Deep

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Bowls, Stock Tanks & Net Bins

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Tags: Bowls, Stock Tanks & Net Bins