If you are fortunate enough to have a large pond (10,000 Gallons or 45,000 Litres) and need a high quality, heavy duty filtration system to keep your fish healthy and your water clear, Yamitsu have the ideal system for you to install. For larger systems use multiple units.

Unit Sizes

Larger unit including Vortex chamber (PC1)= 102 inches (length) x 33 inches (width) x 32 inches (depth)

Smaller unit (PC2) = 68 inches (length) x 33 inches (width) x 32 inches (depth)

This system is ideal for 10,000 gallon Koi pond or 12,000 gallon Garden pond. It comes complete with all media and ball valves and can be pump or gravity fed. Upto 5,000 Gallons per hour pump size and can be supplied with fitted 55w UV (pump fed only).

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KF 45,000V Fibreglass Filter

  • Brand: Kockney Koi
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