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Basic Filter Types  
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Basic Filter Types

  Pump Fed Vortex Filter System
  A vortex is used to settle out waste products and heavier solids. Water is injected along one side to induce a whirlpool effect called a vortex. This encourages the heavier solids to sink and the cleaner water to rise to the outlet. This will reduce the workload of the filters by removing most of the heavy solids and fish waste also reducing filter maintenance.
  Pump fed filters are installed above the level of the pond. Water is pumped up to the filter and allowed to fall back to the pond
  Basic Filter Types
  Filter shown without media for clarity
Basic Filter Types
To work correctly, the first vortex in the system must be fed via the inlet port (shown left).
Vortex units may be joined together in various configurations to provide greater pre-filtration or to form part of larger multi-bay filter systems. The example below left shows a dual vortex system to provide extra settlement while the example below right shows a vortex followed by extra vortex units used as filter bays.
  Basic Filter Types
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