2" Multipurpose Hose Tail MK1
2" VariFlow De-mountable Fitting
3ft Square Nets
8mm Airline Fittings
A1 Pond Paint
Active Bio Mix
Active Carbon Sheets
Air Stone - Domes
Air Stone - Giant Can
Air Stone - Large Japanese Ball
Air Stone - Small Ball
Air Stone - Small Can
Air Stones - Flat Disks
Airline Heavy Duty
Airstorm Venturi Aeration Unit
Algae Master Ultra Violet Water Sterilisers
Anti Foam
Anti Syphon Non Return Valves
Aqua-safe Weatherproof Cable Connector
Aquarium Plants
Aquarium Plants - Luxury Group Range
Aquarium Tank Nets
Arbosil Silicone Sealant
Automatic Fish Feeder - 10lt
BD150 Drum Filter
Big Bertha Modular Filters
Big Boy Fibreglass Repair Kit
Bio Foam Block
Bio-Fall Waterfall Feature Filter
Black Box Small Basic Filter
Black PVC Hose
Blade Water Features
Blue Matting
Bombay Mix
Bombay Mix Resealable 10kg Tub
Bonda Fibreglass Repair Kit
Boris Pre-filter Matrix
Bottom Sump Drains
Bottom Tommy Drains
Bowls, Stock Tanks & Net Bins
Boyu 3 in 1 Water Divider Y Tap
Boyu Air Pump LK 100
BOYU Eco Submersible Dirty Water Pond Pump
Boyu External Aquarium Canister Filter
BOYU Floating Pond Skimmer
BOYU GX4P Pump Range - External and Submersible
Boyu Pond Hoover
Boyu Pressurised Filters
Boyu SES Air Pump Range
Boyu SPA Fountain Pump Range
Braided 8mm Airline
Brown Paper Bags
Bulb Holder Replacements For Yamitsu Algae Master Units
Butyl Repair Tape
Carp Pellets 15kg Bags
Carp Stix 10kg Bulk Bags
Clear PVC Hose
Cygnet Evo2 Heater From Elecro Engineering
D shaped net head with handle
Economy Peaches & Cream ®™
EFL - Summer Koi Treat
Electrical Switch Boxes
EPDM Pond Liner
EPDM Rubber 90° Bend
EPDM Rubber Blanking Plug / Cap
EPDM Rubber Reducers
EPDM Rubber Straight Connectors
EPDM Rubber T Piece
Female Threaded Hosetail 90
Fibreglass Fish Bowls
Fibreglass Stock Tank
Fibreglass Vortex Units
Filter Bacteria
Filter Brushes
Filter Grids
Filter Wadding
Filtreau Drum Filter TR00001 & TR00003
Filtreau HIGH FLOW 30m3/HR Drum Filter TR00004 & TR00005
FinoFill Aquatic Baskets - Various Sizes
Flexible Hose Clips (Eze Tight)
Flexible Hose Fittings
Floating Net Basket Covers
Floating Net baskets
FlowVis Water Flow Meters
Fluke Off
Foam Blocks and Cubes
Foam Cartridge Replacements
Foam Sets
Foam Sheet
Form-A-LITE (PreMix Malachite/Formalin)
Full Arm Pond Gloves
G4 Pond Sealer
Green PVC Hose
GreenGo Blanketweed Controller
Grided Pipe 110mm OD
Heavy Duty Suction Hose
Hessian Square Liner Sheets - 3 sizes retail and bulk packs
Hi-Blow Pond Air Pumps HP40, HP80, HP100, HP200
Hi-Flow Pond Air Pumps
Hook Removal / Disgorger
Hose 90° Bends
Hose Joiners
Hose Reducers
Hose T pieces
Jap Koi Sock
KF 10,000V Fibreglass Filter
KF 12,000 G & P Fibreglass Filter
KF 18,000V Fibreglass Filter
KF 2,500 Fibreglass Filters
KF 20,000 G & P Fibreglass Filter
KF 4,000 Fibreglass Filters
KF 45,000V Fibreglass Filter
KF 5,000V Fibreglass Filter
KF 5,000V SYSTEM (Fibreglass Filter & UV)
KF 8000 G & P Fibreglass Filter
Kintama Bio Balls
Kintama Black Bio Ring Media
KK 1,000 MBBR Bio Media
KK 3,5000 Micro MBBR Bio Media
Kockney Koi Alkaline C Batteries - 4 Pack
Koi & Pond Flake
Koi Cakes
Koi Net with 150cm Handle
Koi Net XL with 200cm Handle
Koi Net XXL Big Daddy with 300cm Handle
Krill Koi Balls
Lemon & Lime Fish Food
Lincs Fish Health Products
Lincs Fish Health- Pond Detox
Media Bags
Mega Black Box Filter
Mega Large Black Box Filter
Mega XL Black Box Filter
MegaMAX Black Box Filter
Nano Cygnet Heaters From Elecro Engineering
Oyster Shell
Parakill - Parasite Killer
Peaches and Cream®™
Peaches and Cream®™ 7kg Resealable Tub
Perforated Inserts
Perforated Support Sheets
Philips PL-S Replacement Germicidal Tubes
Philips TUV PL-L Replacement Germicidal Tubes
Philips TUV Replacement Tubes
Pipe Brackets
Pipe Guard Cages
Plastic Fish Bags
Pond Cover Nets
Pond Water Test Kit
Power Fall - Powered Trickle Filter
Quartz Replacement Sleeves
Rectangle 18" x 14" Net with 4ft Handle
Red Pond Stix
Replacement foam packs for Mega Filters
Replacement Fuses
Replacement O ring for Quartz Sleeves
Replacement White Filter Wadding Sheets For Mega Filters
Ribbed (Vac) Hose
Rotafold Bio Filter
Round Net 16" Handmade with 24" Handle
Round Net with Extending Handle
Rubber Bands
Salt - 25kg
Show & Grow
Silicone / Caulking Guns
Sinking Airline
Solvent to Solvent 3" Fittings
Solvent Weld 45° Bends
Solvent Weld 90° Long Radius Swept Bends
Solvent Weld Access Blanking Plugs
Solvent Weld Ball Valves Kockney Koi
Solvent Weld Blanking Male to Male Fitting
Solvent Weld Cement and Cleaner
Solvent Weld Demountable Union
Solvent Weld Male to Male Straight Connectors
Solvent Weld Short Radius 90° Bends
Solvent Weld Straight Connectors
Solvent Weld T Pieces
Solvent Weld X Fitting
Spawning Ropes
Sturgeon & Tench Food
Submersible Dirty Water Pumps
Super Sieve
Superior Mix
Superior Mix - Jumbo Edition
Superior Stix
Supersoft Airline
Surface Skimmer
Surface Skimmer - Wide Mouth
Thermometer - Floating
Threaded Tank Connector & Back Nut
Triangle net with extending handle
Ultra Violet Algae Master Units to fit Fibreglass Filters
Ultra Violet Water Sterilisers For Mega Black Box Filter Range
Underlay for Liners
UV Replacement Body's
UV Replacement Electric Pack
UV Wall Bracket
Vari-Watt Algae Master Uv's
Vortex Units (MDPE)
Water Wurzel
Weld-On 611™ ABS & U-PVC Glue
Weld-On 725™ Wet 'R' Dry Glue
Weld-On 738™ Hot N Fast Glue
Westland Aquatic Compost (Peat) 20lt
Wheatgerm Winter (Floating Pellets)
Wheatgerm Winter (Sinking Pellets)
Winter Stix (Floating)
Yamitsu Dechlorinators
Yamitsu Fountain Pump
Yamitsu Pre-Filters
Yamitsu Surface Wattpump 3,000gph