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Kock Rock - Sintered Glass Bio Filter Media Balls

  Kock Rock - Sintered Glass Bio Filter Media Balls
  Kock Rock media has been developed by a leading manufacturer of sintered glass filter media to the aquatic trade for use in commercial aquaculture systems where the demand is for a high performing, long life and low maintenance biological media.
  Whilst primarily designed as an ideal medium for use in trickle / shower type filters any existing filter system can now benefit from the near instant upgrade achieved by the addition of Kock Rock media.
  Its porous nature encourages the colonisation of both aerobic and some anaerobic bacteria. These organisms convert the harmful amonia fish excrete to nitrite / nitrate via the nitrogen cycle.
  An average timespan of 21/42 days is all that is needed to achieve sufficient bacteria colonisation. For a improvement in filter function the addition of a small amount of existing biological media or pond medic bioprime at a temperature above 12 °c can shorten this timespan (The addition of Lincs ActiveX active bacteria can reduce this timespan by 50%).
  Kock Rock media is not a mechanical filter media and the water should go through some form of mechanical filtration before contact with the Kock Rock. The Kock Rock media pore size is designed to promote the growth and regeneration of bacteria, used with the correct filter system the pores will not clog and the media requires no more maintenance than a occasional rinse with pond water.
  Available in 3KG, 10KG and 25KG bags.
  3KG 10KG 25KG
Usual Retail Price £15.00 £40.00 £85.00
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