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Rotafold Bio Filter (Gravity Feed Only)

Its unique design with a circular settlment tank at the base, encourages heavy solids to settle out and not be carried up into the above filter system. Filter media supplied includes five cubic feet of flocor and thirty six foam filter blocks (4" x 4" x 10" each) mounted on a manifold system.  
  Cutaway drawing of Rotafold. Water enters via 110 mm inlet (bottom right)
  2000 gallon per hour flow rate (max) on standard 110 mm inlet
  Inlet can be reduced to 3" on smaller turnovers
  2" pipe to drain. Supplied with 2" ball valve
Rotafold Bio Filter (Gravity Feed Only) Rotafold Bio Filter (Gravity Feed Only)
Height 45" - Width 35" - Length 35" Internal manifold & filter /foam assembly
Shown with left side sponges removed  
  Complete with 110 mm inlet - 2" Drain outlet & valve
The vortex action of the Rotafold spins water around a central drainage pipe depositing the heavy debris at the base of the pipe ready for removal. Settled water rises through the flocor bio mass and is then filtered again as it is sucked through the 36 foam bio cartridges (shown by white arrors) ideally by a Kockney Koi Wattpump surface pump on its way back to the pond via a Yamitsu UV (25 to 30 Watt).  
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