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Big Bertha Modular Filters

  If you are fortunate enough to have a large pond and need a high quality, heavy duty filtration system to keep your fish healthy and your water clear, Yamitsu have the ideal system you can install and expand to meet your specific requirements.
   Big Bertha Modular Filters 
  Big Bertha Modular Filters
  This system (as shown above) is suitable for 10,000 gallons. It is sold as separate modules each capable of handling up to 2,500 gallons. There is an optional twin feed vortex available (VF3T). Each module is 3' high, 3' long and 3' 4" wide. They have two 110mm inlets, two 110mm outlets and two 1.5" drain outlets with valves and reducers. They come complete with grids and silicone for home assembly but does not include media which is available separately. For ease of delivery and storage these units nest like supermarket baskets and are ready for assembly on site (approx. 15 minutes).
  Normally supplied for gravity fed installation but can also be supplied for pump fed systems.
  Each module is 35” x 40” x 36” high and comes complete with 2 drains, 2 grids, 2 ball valves, 1.5” and 4” tank connectors, bends, internal pipework and a tube of silicone for home assembly (easy stack) making collection and transportation to site less dramatic.
  Big Bertha Media Ideas
  Our tests have shown that the best way to fill your bertha filters with mediafor optimum results is as follows:
  First bay: 28 filter brushes (20" x 8")
  Second and/or third bays: 1/4 cubic metre of flo-cor per bay.
  Last Bay: Laid out as below using foam blocks and Blue matting
Big Bertha Media Ideas
  Suggested media content for last bay in gravity fed Bertha installation. Consisting of:  
  3 sheets blue filter matting fitted below a vacuum exhaust matrix complete with 30 sponge blocks fitted on perforated inserts (left).  
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  Alternative last bay gravity return for pump fed systems. Showing (right) two 110 mm return outlets and two 2" overflows.  
  Shown right is an actual installation fitted to a seven thousand gallon pond. Bertha modules do not need to be fitted in straight lines as can be seen from the diagram below. Modules can be fitted around corners to help maximise flexibility of installation.
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