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KF 20,000 Fibreglass Filters

   KF 20,000 Fibreglass Filters 
  The KF20000 (shown above) is an eight chamber fibreglass design that can be used for gravity or pump fed by simply reversing the media. This is currently the largest single unit in the Yamitsu Range. Its clever design enables it to fit through a standard 30" domestic door opening (if required) so it can be transported through the house for those properties where there is no side or rear access.
  KF20000 shown above with our smallest optional vortex
Note: The larger vortex units are deeper and have a larger diameter.
We manufacture Vortex units suitable from 2,500 to 5,000 gallons.
The KF18,000V is a high quality, free-standing, fibreglass, four bay, filter with integral vortex designed to improve your fish's environment. Its "state-of-the art" multi chamber design ensures maximum filtration with the minimum of maintenance. The unit is suitable for fish ponds of 18,000 litres and a maximum flow rate of 11,000 litres per hour. However, with lighter stocking densities or in fish free ponds the KF18,000 will comfortably cope with much larger volumes. The integral Vortex enhances the unit's performance and reduces the maintenance intervals.
If you wish to pump feed a vortex filter system with a gravity return please ask your dealer to order this as a special order. These can normally be supplied within 14 working days.
20000 Litre (8 Bay) 85.5” x 31.5” x 24.5” Deep
Maximum flow rate 10,000 litre per hour
Single unit will suit either pump or gravity fed 
Contains: 5 drains, 5 Ball Valves and media
Suits pipe sizes of 110mm and 1.5"
Media comprises: alfagrog, flocor, filter wadding, foamcartridge, green matting cartridge, blue matting cartridge and two bays of different graded brushes.
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