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Airstorm Venturi Aeration Unit

AirStorm Venturi Aeration Unit AirStorm Venturi Aeration Unit
  The Yamitsu AirStorm Venturi adds additional oxygen into your pond water by drawing air in to the unit and mixing it with the pond water passing through it. It does not have any moving parts as it uses the venturi effect to draw air in.
  The Air Stom is supplied with two different size water nozzels each providing different aeration levels depending on pumped volume of water.
  The unit has a unique "see through" design to enable you to see which nozzle works best for you. It is supplied with a demountable coupling to ease instalation and chaning of the air nozzle.
  The unit should be installed below the water level. The depth is dependent on the power of your pump. This is usually between 200 mm and 1,000 mm.
  AirStorm Venturi Aeration Unit
  AirStorm Venturi Aeration Unit

The Airstorm Venturi shown below is installed on a live bait well aboard a fishing boat and is oxygenating live bait holding tanks, this is being powered by a 600 gallon per hour submersible pump on 1.5" diameter pipe (two nozzles are included with each Venturi allowing them to have flow rates upto 3500 gallons per hour). This shows the versatility of the Airstorm Venturi and we will be adding a pond video shortly - so check back soon.

  We also offer a Magnetic Venturi unit.
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